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About us

Join us and enjoy
real profit!

Join us and enjoy real profits!

FINCOIN LTD is an investment platform for automated passive earnings on cryptocurrency mining and investing in the development of new mining equipment. The system is fully automated and represents a single ecosystem where each participant can invest in mining without risk and technical difficulties. The company was founded in 2019 by Jeff Pierre, co-founder of Trust Tech and the ideological inspirer of the Tron Mobio project.

Due to the fact that our business is decentralized, it does not depend on government sanctions or market volatility. Our servers are separate from each other. Information about the user is fragmented and sent in parts to each server in encrypted form. We do not store encryption keys and guarantee complete security of your data. Thus, our investors are fully protected from both internal and external threats.

To make sure of our integrity, you can get acquainted with online statistics on the composition of the investment fund, the turnover of the company and the number of our partners. Detailed statistics are reflected at the link.

Official registration
of the company:
Company address:

50 Frognal, London, England, NW3 6AG

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Our company owns more than 90 farms around the world. FINCOIN LTD has established its presence in more than 16 countries around the world. Every year we open about 14 new mining farms. We also monitor the relevance of our investment platform and update it from three to seven times a year.


You can contact our managers 24 hours a day


All payments are made in full exactly on time

Quick withdrawal
of funds

You don't have to follow a long and confusing instruction: funds are withdrawn directly in a couple of clicks


Our specialists have analyzed the market and developed the most favorable offers for our customers

What do we offer?

Fincoin provides a comprehensive investment solution for private partners.


We have developed an entire ecosystem in order to facilitate investments and profit from your investments as much as possible. Everything works autonomously and without your participation. At any time, you can see how much you have earned on cryptocurrency.

Our platform is protected
by an SSL certificate

All information is protected by two-level encryption. Also, all personal data is stored on separate servers, which prevents DDoS attacks.

To become our partner:

Register on our website

It will take no more than 1 minute

Choose a tariff

More than 7 tariffs are available


Top up your balance according to the terms of the tariff

Our business model

And since you are now our partner, we are obliged to introduce you to our business model. We specialize in cryptocurrency mining and mining equipment development. We get 70% of the gross profit from mining cryptocurrencies on our own farms and 30% from the development of turnkey farms and the management of farms of other companies. One farm pays off on average in three to four months and requires investments from $20,000 to $100,000, depending on the type of equipment, location and a number of other factors. To increase working capital, we attract private investors – this allows us to open new farms faster and increase our revenue and your profit.

We have developed a convenient personal account

Where every investor can replenish the balance in a couple of clicks, withdraw profits, view all statistics online. Thus, we provide the most convenient tool for investing and generating passive income, and in return we get the opportunity to scale our business.

Earnings are not only from cryptocurrencies and mining

You receive interest from the funds invested in the development of our business and bonuses for attracted friends. Tell your friends about us, attract new partners to your team and earn up to 10% from their investments!

Join us and
enjoy the profit!